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Clinician STD Toolkit

More than 50% of all reported cases of communicable disease in Spokane County are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs cause substantial social and economic costs. Prevention and effective control of STDs are responsibilities shared by patients, health care providers, and public health agencies.

This STD Toolkit is the result of the efforts of the Spokane County STD Medical Coalition (the STDMC), a collaborative effort of the Spokane Regional Health District staff and volunteer clinician partners throughout the community. The resources contained in this toolkit have been peer-reviewed by clinicians experienced in providing STD-related care.

Health care providers are encouraged to use these resources to assist with the screening of at-risk patients and to keep updated on local incidence and prevalence as well as current testing, treatment, and policy recommendations that have been endorsed by the local medical community. The Spokane Regional Health District staff would like to acknowledge the contribution of these dedicated health care professionals in developing and editing the STD Toolkit content. We would also like to thank Sue Szabo from the Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center for her assistance with the review process and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, Public Health Seattle & King County, and the California Adolescent Health Working Group for generously sharing their materials and resources for local adaptation.


STD Case Report Form

New as of May 2017

Print and fax to Spokane Regional Health District at 509-324-3623 (do not submit electronically)

More information for STD reporting can be found here


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